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DC Fire Protection, LLC offers a comprehensive fire sprinkler system inspection for homes and businesses in Washington, DC. We have certified inspectors who will conduct fire sprinklers inspections for insurance purposes as well as peace of mind for the building owner.

When conducting a fire sprinkler system inspection, our inspectors will thoroughly go over the specifications of your space, as well as the functionality of the actual fire sprinkler system. We do several checks throughout the system to ensure that it is in proper working order and is capable of putting out or containing a fire in the space.

Our inspectors are professional and will provide you with proper verification of their skills and identity. They will be unobtrusive while conducting the fire sprinkler system inspection. Once they have completed the fire system inspection, they will fully explain their findings to you. If problems are found, they will give recommendations for you so your system can be properly updated or repaired.

After the initial fire sprinkler system inspection, we will offer a maintenance plan that will enable you to keep your system updated and fully functional. Our maintenance plan can be implemented by our own technicians. We work hard to build a relationship with our customers so you are comfortable with us and trust our findings and inspection reports.

When you are in need of a fire sprinkler system inspection, we will work around your schedule and make sure that there is little disruption to your day. We can inspect fire sprinkler systems in commercial and residential settings. Set up your inspection with us now.

. We are here to make sure your fire sprinkler system is fully operational and safe.